Inspiration for writing certainly comes in all forms. I went to a birthday party tonight and had the smallest bit of conversation with someone about both of our boys. I was driving home and thinking about it when I realized that I LOVE being a mom to boys. In all fairness, I really don’t know what I’m missing with girls, but regardless I am incredibly happy having two children that embody everything boy. 

Boys are incredibly full of energy. I really can’t ever keep up with them, but it’s fun to try! As a girl who grew up with three very active brothers, I know how to wrestle, play sports, and rough house with the best of them. I have never seen that behavior as aggressive or confrontational because I know that’s how a lot of young boys communicate and learn social skills with their peers. I catch myself telling them at least once a day to “take it to the basement” because they start trying to wrestle where all my breakables are, ha! I would never discourage them from playing in this fashion though. 

Boys are no (or little) drama. The only times I really ever get tears from my boys is if they are hurt or tired. I have a pretty low tolerance for drama. It’s the product of having three brothers, a low drama dad, and a low drama mother. I appreciate straight forward communication and cannot tolerate passive aggressive behavior. Boys do a much better job of telling it just like it is. 

Boys love very directly and literally. Sort of piggybacking off the last paragraph – you will know exactly how your male child feels about you. If he’s happy with you, he will say it. If he’s feeling mad at you, expect to hear it (and then you can tell him to get over it without any tears 😂) Being female myself, I think girls have a harder time with this approach to their feelings. 

We will have a new bundle of joy in our house in about a month. Whether we have a boy or girl will never change my appreciation of being mom to two wonderfully dirty and tough little boys ❤