Being a stepmom has been one of the most rewarding and challenging roles I’ve ever chosen to take on in my life. The rewards far outweigh the tough times, but nevertheless there has been a lot of unchartered territory that I didn’t always feel well equipped to tackle.

This really started when my husband and I were dating. I vividly remember calling my mom, crying about something that happened the day before and her response was, “I’m not really sure what to say. There is no handbook out there for your situation.”

Her response really got me thinking about my options in my role as the girlfriend of a divorced dad and my future role as a stepmom. Luckily, I had the idea to Google it (Google solves everything these days, ha!)

I found websites and books that speak directly to stepmoms and how to tackle common problems as a part of a second family. I know that there is a woman out there right now, crying to her mom about how she knew what she was getting into but she just didn’t realize how hard it would be some times. Girl, this list is for you!


Stepmom Websites

  1. StepMom Magazine – I follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Even if you don’t subscribe to their magazine, it is comforting to know there are women out there struggling with similar situations when you read their posts on social media.
  2. Stepmother Support – This website is great for comradery too but also offers professional support if you need it.
  3. The Evil Stepmother Speaks – This lady writes a hilarious blog centered around her role as a stepmom. Again, I’ve found that knowing others are facing similar struggles goes a long way in coping.
  4. National Stepfamily Resource Center – Seriously, when I started my journey five years ago I had no idea that there were national organizations out there for stepfamilies. Please know that there are resources to help you have a successful second family!!

The link below is something I just found today and I’m definitely going to be utilizing it in the future. I don’t feel overwhelmed right now, but new unchartered situations come up all the time. I know this book list will come in handy soon enough!

6 Must Read Books for Overwhelmed Stepmoms